From purchase to sale, Titan Livestock offers a variety of services to help cattle feeders succeed. In addition to purchasing and selling cattle, we also offer risk management, logistical cattle movement, reporting and inventory management. We customize our services to provide the best value for each of our customers and are continually searching the market place to find opportunities for cattle buyers and sellers. Titan can help with the following:

Titan Ag Finance

  • Cattle financing solutions for cattle producers
  • Personalized service with flexible and competitive funding options

Feeder cattle , photo of a black cow

Forward Purchase and Sales

  • Contracts for all months and classes of feeder cattle.
  • Premier source for fed cattle marketing in Canada.
  • Basis contracting and sales.
  • Program cattle procurement and sales (Natural, GAP, NHTC).

Cattle in a feedlot

Cash Purchases and Sales

  • Sourcing and marketing cattle in the United States.
  • We have a large network for country purchases and sales that will benefit our customers.
  • We can buy on order to best serve our customers.

Cattle Trucking

Feeder Cattle Exports and Imports

  • Experienced in exporting and importing of feeder and fed cattle.

Linus 7

Full Service Program
(in cooperation with Linus 7 and Compass Hedging)

  • Buy cattle based on customer-determined ROI.
  • Weekly review of customer inventory and risk reports.
  • Discuss and execute risk management decisions.
  • Track futures and options trades via Linus 7 software.
  • Hedge accounting.
  • Backgrounding management.