Titan Livestock is a diversified/full service cattle procurement and risk management firm, servicing mid- to large-sized feedlots, background/stocker operators and large cow-calf operations that market their cattle privately. We cater to the North American cattle industry, specifically the U.S. mid-west and northern Great Plains and Canadian prairies.

Titan Livestock Inc. began as a brokerage firm in the summer of 2014. Titan’s shareholders have always been focused on social responsibility, environmental stewardship, food safety and economic sustainability in their various production and service companies.

Feeder cattle in a feedlot

Since 2014, Titan Livestock has combined these values with ones of integrity, commitment and customer service to become a firm committed to helping cattle feeders improve their return on investment.

Cattle in a pastureIn the fall of 2016, Titan Livestock LLC was formed through a partnership of stakeholders in Canada and the United States, bringing together talent, experience, state-of-the art technology, vision and integrity. Titan Livestock LLC crosses international borders and industry paradigms, providing a wide range of services to multiple levels of the cattle industry throughout North America.

The core team of Hugh Skocdopole, John Lawton and Jason Kraft share common values and vision for our customers and strive to be progressive, early adaptors and more “real time” as market conditions change. We don’t try to fight what the market is doing at any given time, but simply mitigate and adapt as needed.

The Titan Team Approach

The team approach employed by Titan gives our company strength and flexibility, which is then passed along to our customers. Each of the team members has experience in feeding cattle and all are still involved in the industry on our own operations. We have a vested interest in successful cattle feeding and that interest translates into what we do for our customers. Our development and use of technology gives us a leg up in providing unsurpassed services to our clients.

Several cattle in a pastureTitan offers full-service solutions for customers, including buying and selling cattle (in the spot market or deferred market, in the United States or Canada, flat price terms or basis terms), managing inventory, managing risk, arranging transportation and even feeding cattle at our discretion.

Titan uses the proprietary Linus 7 software (Linus7.com), developed from the ground up to help feedlot operators centralize operations, inform purchase decisions and manage risk. No other software combines advanced monitoring programming with industry-standard integration with other feedlot management systems to give users solution-based data and information. Linus 7 is a powerful tool backed by people that understand the industry.

Titan partners with Compass Hedging/Compass Ag Solutions to provide unsurpassed risk management from industry experts who have years of experience in managing risk and executing options and futures.