Titan Land and Cattle

Buying cattle
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We are a growing cattle feedlot and farming business focused on social responsibility, environmental stewardship, food safety, and economic sustainability. We believe in providing quality agricultural products, protecting the environment for future generations, and investing in our local community.

Committed to SustainabilityWe are now a VBP+ Certified operation! We strictly adhere to all provincial and federal guidelines including the National Farm Animal Care Council Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Beef Cattle. We have procedures that go over and above what is required to protect the environment, the consumer, and the welfare of our animals.

Our EconomyWe purchase cattle, grain, and feed from neighbouring farms to help support our local economy. We also believe it is important to operate in a fiscally responsible way, so that we carefully manage all financial risk through our proprietary software, Linus7.